Gipsy-raised girl


Agility: D10
Smarts: D4
Strength: D8 (2. advance)
Spirit: D6
Vigor: D6

Pace: 6
Charisma: 2
Parry: 6 (7) – ha csak egy ellenfele van
Toughness: 5

Throwing: D10 (1. advance)
Fighting: D8 (1. advance)
Lockpicking: D6
Stealth: D8
Persuasing: D4
Streetwise: D4
Guts: D4
Climbing: D6

Big Mouth



Born around 1596 (doesn’t know the exact date), raised by a group of wandering gypsies in Southern Spain.There were singers, dancers and fortune tellers among them. She didn’t know her parents, she was told that her mother died at her birth and her father had left them before.
The group was wandering throughout the country making money for living from their performances and some minor crimes (petty theft, cheating e.g.)committed by the children like Ziva. However, as time went by, the rules and regulations considering gypsies and wanderers in Spain became stricter and stricter.The group couldn’t spend too much time at one place, sometimes they were forced into hiding in the woods, because they refused to give up their traditions, customs and language.
One night, some locals set fire to the camp while everyone was sleeping. Ziva doesn’t know what happened to the others,because she ran away but she thinks that everybody else died in the fire. She was fifteen at that time.
For some months, she was trying to hide, travelled alone or joined some other people for a few days. She was stealing food from farms and markets and some time later in the port of Cadiz she sneeked onto a merchant ship and hid away, because by that time gypsies were punished very srictly for stealing and she wanted to leave the country. She didn’t know where the boat was heading,but weeks later it turned out that it was England. A few days after setting sail,the sailors found her. She was only a child, so she was sent to the kitchen to help. She was uffering from sea sickness mot of the time, so she HATES TRAVELLING BY ANY KIND OF SHIP.
After arriving at England, she started travelling. She didn’t speak English too well and she needed money/accomodation very badly, so she decided to take up some kind of “real” work. After some weeks of travelling, she stopped ata little agricultural town and offered her help at the local inn. She could cook, wash and clean and didn’t want much more than a little room to live and food to eat, so she was hired as a maid. The wife of the innkeeper started to teach her how to speak English better.
She was planning to stay and save a little money, but after a few weeks she ran into the son of the wealthiest landowner in the surrounding towns. He liked the girl very much, because she looked so different. He started to visit the inn more and more often and sometimes he was also following Ziva from a distance and spying on her. When the girl noticed it, she found it very intrusive and annoying. The problem was that she couldn’t keep her mouth shut,so one evening, when the inn was full of locals, she told the man that she didn’t like him at all and he had better leave her alone. He got really angry, because a lot of people heard the conversation and some of them were even laughing and decided to take some kind of revenge for humiliating him publicly.
He decided to accuse Ziva of some crime,but in the next few days, something much better happened. Some cows of a farmer got sick and later some of them died and the wife of te farmer also got ill with a fever. Other cows also caught the sickness. The man began to spread rumors that Ziva was a witch and perfomed pagan rituals and evil magic in the woods and even planted some evidence and bought false witnesses. Just before sentencing the girl to death,an English doctor arrived in town (William) and heard about the case. Before the trial, he asked the locals to let him investigate a bit. He stated that the girl had nothing to do with the illness, but it was an epidemic he could cure. They let him give it a try and he succeeded. Because of that the locals let him take Ziva but warned the girl never to retun and keep herself far away from the town.


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