Path of Kane


Savage Tale: Faith Healing
Savage Tale: …

On their way to London through a muddy, misty mountain forest, with the rain pouring since days, with no end in sight, the adventurers encounter a bloody fight: four man try to capture or kill a young woman. Her hired blade is killed during the fight, and also three of the attackers. The fourth is knocked out for questioning. However, he has to be left behind because the wounded and unconscious lady needs urgent medical attention.

During their arrival in Northampton the heroes see a dead woman in a gibbet in the dock area, and a hanged man. They get news of a miraculous healer, and visit the man, who cures Lady Melville with his bare hands. The heroes also see a strange man, who is trying to give life to a metal-figure, buth with no success. Williams blunderbuss needs to be repaired, it will take three days of work for the local weaponsmith.

Lady Melville is doing better, however Olaf is told, that the cured patients of the healer get even sicker after a few days, and they eventually die. It turns out, the religious healer (once a forester) got his powers from an angel in the woods. The heroes find the statue in the forest and after Olaf resists to the temptation of the “angel”, they slay the succubus in a rapid fight. However, with her last words she threatens them with revenge by her offspring.

When they arrive at the healers place once again, they witness how he “gives birth” to the succubus’ son, to a horrendous plague demon, which – surprise-surprise – they have to kill. They burn the body and save the foresters life, who is bleeding heavily. In the end, it is left to the townsfolk to deal with the consequences.

After arriving back to the inn, they learn of the story of the hanged man. He was a child-killer, unveiled and wounded by the son of the innkeeper, before hanged by the people for good. The young man is celebrated as a local hero.

Ziva awakens during the night when Lady Melville leaves their room. She follows her outside of the inn, only to see her standing in front of the hanged man, with a knife in her hands…

William: Mark of Fear (-1 Charisma, white streak in his hair)
Olaf: Minor Phobia (sick people with festers, ulcers, etc.)


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