Path of Kane


Interlude: Web of the Spider
The wanderers rescue a man from a Giant Spider in the woods. The magister from Leicester invites them to his mansion in the city, and asks for a few favors.

Savage Tale: The Organ Grinder
A dutch doctor is preying on whores and beggars in the South Riding district of Leicester, killing them and shipping their bodies and body parts to Amsterdam. The sorcerer doctor is confronted in his warehouse, but can escape, leaving back reanimated zombies and creeping hands for the wanderers to kill.

Savage Tale: The Dark Side of Love – part one
The wanderers investigate graverobbings in the northern graveyard of Leicester, where young female corpses are disappearing shortly after the burials. They connect the case to the dutch doctor first, but a new body is stolen the same night they chase the sorcerer away.

Xp awarded:
Olaf 1
William 1
Ziva 1


wmute wmute

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