Path of Kane


Savage Tale: The Sin of the Father
A curse of a witch tortures the villagers of Berkleyham: those who sin get brutally mutilated during the night. The people speak of devils in the dark, while the new reverend preaches of repentanence and the punishment of the Lord. It turns out, he was cursed and not the village, but he made a pact with the Imps, who are brought here by the curse of the witch: they spare his life, but they can prey on villagers who have sinned. The wanderers kill the imps when they appear in the church during the nightly sermon, but not before they mutilate the reverend for his sins. Olaf kills the reverend to end his misery and to bring justice upon him.

Savage Tale: The Dark Side of Love – part two
After missing the opportunity at the last young girls funeral, the wanderers meet and capture an outlaw in the graveyard, who has information about the graverobbings. An old doctor pays men to bring him fresh female corpses to his mansion in the hills. The wanderer meet dr Hapgood before his creation, a horrendous abomination stitched together from various bodyparts kills him. It seems he tried to bring his wife back from the dead using some black magic. Ultimately the wanderers slay the monster in a tough fight.

William: Major Phobia (smell of the dead)


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